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Electronic Air Filtration Systems-

Recognized World Wide as the "Best Air Cleaner on the Market."

   A clear new day is dawning for relief of symptoms caused by indoor air pollution. Most of What You Can't See Can Hurt You.
   Visible or Invisible, that is the question because most of the dangerous particles in the indoor air cannot be seen by the human eye.
   The VISIBLE you can see when a sunbeam shines through a window and literally millions of particles dance around in the sunlight.
   Surprisingly what you can see comprises only about 10% of the polluntants present in the indoor air with each visible particles measuring above 10 microns.
   The INVISIBLE particles particularly those that measure below 4 microns cause most of our health problems, according to the Medical Profession. They are responsible for a wide range of problems including allergies, asthma, headaches, colds, bronchitis - even CANCER!
    The FACTS Dynamic Electronic Air Cleaner can eliminate 99% of all allergy taunting pollen and mold spore.


Do you have allergies? Is dirty air a problem?

Dynamics capability has been verified by universities, independent laboratories, and the Canadian government.
Dynamic has a very low operating cost, making it affordable to all.
Dynamic can remove 99% of all visible and invisible contaminants.
Dynamic removes most of the dirt and dust you normally have to clean yourself. Preserves your furnishings and decor.
Dynamic filters may decrease air handling cost by 30%.
NO snapping, crackling noises.
Dynamic air purifiers could make a difference in your life in only 15 minutes.
May remove odor.
Dynamic air cleaner is a low maintenance system with consistent and dependable performance.
Dynamic can be installed in any furnace or air handler.
Dynamic does not add anything back into the air, such as ozone, as some other systems do.
You may be healthier with the Dynamic Air Cleaning System in your life.

One third of the national health bill is for causes directly attributable to indoor air polution. - The American Medical Association

The Problem: Indoor Air Polution
"As a result of today's energy efficient, tight or closed building construction, the AIR in our homes and work places is always 2-5 times more polluted than the worst exterior air and may even be 100 times more polluted." - the EPA

There are numerous sources of pollution.

   Tobacco Smoke
   Vapors from fluid residues on dry cleaning
   Fumes and Vapors - household cleaning products, air fresheners, perfumes
   Fibers escaping from asbestos floor tiles, pipe installation
   Formaldehyde fumes - carpeting, pressed wood products
   Fumes from improperly vented stoves, dryers, and fireplaces
   Mold and mildew from refrigerator drip pans, showers, kitchen counters
   Dust mites in carpeting, drapes, upholstered furniture
   Animal Dander
   Smoke from Tobacco, stoves and fireplaces
   Gases from household, garden pesticides
   Mold, mildew and bacteria in HVAC system

These pollutants can trigger many health problems:

   Asthmatic attacks
   Allergic reactions
   Watery eyes
   Breathing problems/Influenza
   Chicken Pox/ Measles
   Many others

The Solution: Dynamic Electronic Air Cleaner

   When the typical person spends90 percent of their time indoors - We cannot afford to be without clean, healthy air to breathe.
   The Dynamic Electronic Air Cleaners have been developed using a principal known as "electrostatic polarization" which electronically enhances the particulate removal efficiency of the cleaner without increasing its air resistance.
   The basic configuration of the DYNAMIC has one layer of special non-conductive filter material (pillow pack) placed between the two screens of the cleaner. The electrical properties of the outside screens influences the pillow pack so that each strand of the filter material and the whole pillow becomes polarized.
   POLARIZATION is much like the magnetic field surrounding a magnet. The strands of the pillow take on both a negatice and positive charge like the magnet, and the effect is to increase the sphere of influences of eachstrand.
   Particles entering the cleaner need only to pass close to the strands to be captured. The captured particles become permanently attacked to the rough surface of the media, and they in turn become part of the cleaner. The cleaner's efficiency will continue to improve as it loads.

   DID YOU KNOW the Environmental Protection Agency has found that inside air is always 2-5 times more polluted than the worst outside air ? The American Medical Association reports that 1/3 of our nations health bill is directly attributable to indoor air pollution. You may not be able to SEE, SMELL, or TOUCH it, but this air pollution is impacting on the health of your family, guest and visitors.

   People with respriatory ailments show the most immediate effects of polluted air. Other people may not react at first exposure, but the effects of polluted air are cumulative and may not become apparent until there has been continuing long term exposure.

The Dynamic Electronic Air Cleaner

The shortest distance between polluted and clean indoor air.

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